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Buying process

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earn $100 for every $100,000 you spend.

Buy through Dapper Crown and team
earn $200 for every $100,000 you spend.

*Terms and Restrictions apply. Cannot be combined with any other rebate check. Valid through 03/30/17.

Step 1: Meet with your Real Estate Broker / Realtor

Get familiarized with the process and understand each others expectations. During this meeting, it will give you an opportunity let your broker know what you’re looking for and create a good working relationship.

Step 2: Meet with your Lender

This will allow you to get comfortable with your finances, and the rest of your home search process. Meeting with your lender will also give you an opportunity to get pre-approved.

Step 3: Exclusive customized home search set up

Now that you have an understanding of your finances and know what you’re comfortable with spending, you can get specific with your home search.

Step 4: Start viewing properties

Send your real estate broker the property addresses of the homes you would like to see and they will set up the home tours.

Step 5: You found your property

Receive property information and sales data. This will help give you an understanding of property conditions and market pricing for the home.

Step 6: Your offer has been accepted with the seller

Now this is the time when the games begin. Your real estate broker will explain the next steps and what you need to prepare for. Having the right team in place may make or break the deal for you!

Step 7: Constant Communication

Receive step-by-step information that will help your home purchase move smoothly.

Step 8: In the works

At this time you and your team are collaboratively working through all the needed steps to progress your purchase towards a successful closing.

Step 9: Closing

Your team will go through your final steps preparing you for what is needed and what to expect at closing.


You now hold one of the most expensive set of keys you will ever own.